Why do they matter?

Memes matter because they have become a significant part of contemporary culture and communication. Memes facilitate cultural expression and reflect the ideas, attitudes, and humor prevalent in society. They often capture and express shared experiences, allowing people to connect and relate to each other across different backgrounds and communities. Memes are also a powerful tool for social commentary and satire. They assist in spreading awareness, challenging norms, and questioning socio political ideas. They spread rapidly and can engage audiences quickly. And above all else, memes are hilarious and have continued to thrive in an ever-changing platform across the internet. While they may appear lighthearted, they do have profound impact on shaping narratives, influencing opinions, and fostering a sense of belonging in the digital era. 

Create a Meme:

What I learned:

Through this assignment I learned that there is a lot more to meme history than just a series of crass humor and relatable images. I also learned about the earliest evidence of memes. The earliest evidence points to “Kilroy was here” being one of the first replicated images during World War II. As a Marine, it doesn’t surprise me that memes stem from military members seeking humor in their grim situations. 

The meme I created may speak for itself- I am playing a game of catch-up after a visit from family over Memorial Day Weekend. The meme illustrates the stress I am under to catch up on multiple course loads’ work. Finding humor in the chaos is loosely similar to meme origins with “Kilroy was here”.






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